Zealous Musician



Zealous Musician is a podcast that takes a closer look at the music we love.


For season one, we’ll dive into music from post-hardcore and emo bands like Thrice, Underoath, A Day to Remember, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and Copeland. Our focus will be on light music theory, even playing some ourselves, and rediscovering why we loved these bands so much in the first place.


My name is Marco Randazzo.

I'm a music teacher, songwriter, and music producer. I'm zealous about playing music!

I've played many styles of music and been in many different kinds of bands, but one music style that holds a special place in my heart is post-hardcore and emo music from bands like Thrice and Taking Back Sunday. I still love music like this, and having been a music teacher for the last 11 years, I wanted to create a podcast that demonstrated why I love this music and share that passion with others.

I wanted to do this in a way that would focus on the music theory of the actual music, while at the same time going into some band history and rediscovering why these bands were so great. I hope you enjoy the podcast, and if this genre of music isn't your cup of tea, check back in next year for Season Two on a completely different style of music.

If you know someone who may be into this kind of stuff, please share it with them - I would really appreciate it!